What is a Blender Fabric?

We're not talking smoothies today, we're talking about blender fabric. This type of fabric can be key in adding depth and texture to your quilts. So, what's a blender?

A blender fabric is generally non-directional, usually tone on tone in color (using two or more shades of a single hue), and have just enough movement in them to not be the star of the show but not fade completely into the background. Basically, they're the Judy Greer of fabrics! (The link takes you to the blender search at Stash Fabrics. Such a great selection and even better customer service!)

My favorite type of blender fabric right now is Grunge. I had a blast using it as my background fabric in my version of the Sunset Isle quilt. Grunge is dyed a base color and then printed with the blender pattern, and it does such a great job of keeping the eye moving over your quilt. I subscribed to a Grunge club a few years ago just so I could get one of every color. Not mad at that decision at all!! You can see how nice they are in this image below:

So the next time you want to add in some movement without having the design take over completely, consider a blender. Now I need to go make me a smoothie!!

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