One Star Wonder - Design Peek

In addition to teaching free motion quilting, I also write and publish quilt patterns. Whenever I'm working on a new design, I'll open up Adobe Illustrator and set a 60 x 60 artboard and get to drawing. This is what I'm tentatively calling One Star Wonder. 

I'm starting to design patterns in a way that you can show off your quilting skills. I'm imagining allover motifs in the white, orange, and yellow squares, feathers in the navy and medium blue borders, and really tight loopy meander in the white of the center medallion. That will really make those dark blue stars pop!

The math on the center medallion is my kryptonite right now, but I'm hoping to have that figured out and send the pattern to the editor and testers by the end of the month. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!

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