Give Your Sewing Machine a Spa Day

sewing machine
A Bernina QE750 sits on a desk ready to be used.

We know we're supposed to take our sewing machine in to be serviced at least once a year, but when was the last time you really did that? Did you know there are things you can do between service to keep your machine running smoothly? Here are the things I do between every sewing session. It's a bit like a spa day for your machine. 

First up is changing the needle. If you're starting to notice skipped stitches or breaking thread, changing the needle is a new surefire way to solve those problems. I change my needle in between every project or every 8 hours of sewing, whichever comes first.

Next pull the cover off your feed dogs and get the lint out. You can use a soft brush, a Q-tip, or a micro vacuum to do this. You'd be surprised how quickly lint can build up, so make sure you're doing this pretty frequently. 

In that same area there should be a place for you to add sewing machine oil. Put a few drops in to lubricate all the pieces. You can go ahead and cover your feed dogs.

Next up is the bobbin. Pull that out and use a brush to remove lint from there too. If your bobbin needs oil, your machine's manual will tell you how much and where to apply it. 

Finally I like to take a soft cloth and wipe down the outside of the machine to get the dust off. 

When you get back to sewing, you should notice a much quieter and smoother experience. Treat your machine well, and it will be with you for years to come!

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